Shellac Nails & Spa is known for waxing. Because of our great work in bikini wax, we have been recognized for excellence in giving our clients smooth and pretty skin. This gives you the confidence to face the world without worry. You don't be afraid of the beach. Our work in waxing speaks for itself and Shellac Nails & Spa welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you.

We want to be your constant. When you think of waxing hair removal service, we know that Shellac Nails & Spa will be the first name that comes to mind in Oklahoma City, OK, because no one does a better job of removing unwanted hair. Shellac Nails & Spa has worked hard to earn our reputation.

Your input about our spa treatments is important to us. We put in incredible effort with attention to detail. For a day spa that offers nail services, waxing, and more, we are the ones to call. Get on the phone with Shellac Nails & Spa today!


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